Sunday, December 07, 2008

If you are wondering...

..what I want for Christmas, this is on my wish list*

Sexual Behavior of Normal, Socially Isolated and LSD - 25 Injected Guinea Pigs (1959)
Distributed by Pennsylvania State Univ Psych Cinema Register
Univ Of Kansas; Lawrence; KS; 66045. 1 film reel (17 min.), optical sound, 16 mm. B & W

Shows the estrous behavior of female guinea pigs, and the various phases of sexual behavior of normal males and the reduced amount of sexual behavior of males, raised in social isolation, when in the presence of an estrous female. Illustrates how an injection of LSD25 disrupts the sexual behavior of the male.

*For some reason, Amazon won't let me add this to my Amazon Wish List...

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