Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Inside Magoo"

I've been helping Geoff Alexander at the Academic Film Archive get some of his collection online at the Internet Archive. Here's an odd film that I just uploaded to the AFANA section, "Inside Magoo". It features Mr. Magoo, Jim Bakkus and Stephen Bosustow - the animator behind many UPA cartoons and quite a few educational films in the A/V Geeks collection.

AMIA 2007 in Rochester

Just returned from Rochester, NY - home of the Assoc of Moving Image Archivists 2007 conference and the birthplace of Kodak. Got up early and toured Kodak's moving image facility. Saw lots of nifty things - how they slice and perforate 35mm in near pitch black rooms, where they mix the light sensitive chemicals for the emulsion. I also saw some sad stuff - lots of rubble from Kodak buildings that were being destroyed from disuse. Kodak is definitely a spectre of its former self.